Tony Billett - Chairman

A mechanical engineer, Tony became Head of the Manufacturing Group at Bath University in the 1970's. A co-founder of Radan Computational Limited in Bath 1976, the company Radan became the largest supplier of software to the CNC sheet metal machinery market with an annual turnover in excess of £12m. Tony is now a director of a number of computer software and high technology companies.

Mark Swabey - Managing Director

A systems & software engineer who has over 30 years experience in a wide variety of engineering industries, the last 20 years at board level. He has specialised in project and business management with particular interests in perception and management of risk, decision-support methods and software tools. Mark is a Member of the Institute of Risk Management, a visiting lecturer in risk management at Warwick University, and an expert in deployment of pragmatic best practice risk management solutions for business.

Tony Gore - Director

An oceanographer and engineer who has worked in a variety of industries for the last 30 years. Tony has been managed EC funded projects since 1990 and has developed a website architecture that forms the basis for numerous collaborative EC project websites. This architecture supports RiskAid, and Tony provides expertise in IT services and IT risk.

Stuart Harrison - Director

Stuart has in excess of 25 years of computing industry experience including 10 years at Oracle. He has helped a number of software providers deliver best value solutions and quality after sales service to their customers across government, not for profit and commercial organisations.

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