The RiskAid approach

RiskAid is a methodology incorporating both a service and software solution for organisations that wish to undertake an effective and pro-active approach to risk management whether that is operationally, for projects or a combination of both.

Those responsible for governance will already recognise the need for good risk management but often the information required is in the heads of busy staff undertaking their day to day jobs. Our approach, by combining outsourced services and software, allows everyone to deal with risk management in the way that suits them yet delivers the results to senior management and those legally liable for good governance.

In addition, good risk management is as much about effective business decision making as it is protecting the organisation from risks that may occur. Rather than simply being about things that could go wrong, it allows key business questions to be asked such as “are our buildings suitable to meet operational needs?” or “how do we maintain the quality of our staff recruitment?”. They are risks if not dealt with but opportunities if they are.

The RiskAid approach allows everyone to work they way they want but most importantly, it's effective and easy to understand.

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