Outsourcing for schools

RiskAid is both a service and software solution for Independent Schools that wish to undertake an effective and pro-active approach to risk management. Often, not surprisingly, the first thoughts are keeping inspectors happy that the school has its risks under control. However, by considering the risks to areas such as income, quality and reputation, key business questions can be asked such as “how do we maintain the quality of the pupil intake?” or “are our buildings suitable to meet operational needs?”. Effective use of the RiskAid approach in schools can significantly enhance the organisational decision making as well as protect against the risks that may occur.

Our unique approach of combining both a service and software solution allows Independent Schools to undertake an effective and proactive approach to risk management. Most school governors and senior management will already understand the need for risk management but turning it into something that really works for the school is difficult. Not only should the risks be made visible and reported on, they need appropriate action in order to reduce the risk exposure. This in turn not only ultimately saves the school money but it reduces issues such as potential legal exposure or reduced income by addressing the business issues.

Our Risk Management Outsourcing may be the perfect solution for your school. We use our own software and experience and by simply spending a few minutes every term with relevant staff members, we are able to build up a complete risk exposure of the school AND what actions should be taken in order to reduce the exposure and protect it.

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