Construction Risk Management

In the current economic climate, competition is fierce in the construction sector and margins are very tight. Consequently, construction projects have to be tightly scoped, specified and costed, with a very clear understanding of the risks and contingencies required.

RiskAid supports the rapid identification and assessment of risks and proposed actions at the bid stage, providing a clear understanding of the potential risk exposure, contingencies required and the effects of the actions in ensuring that the project is successfully delivered to time and budget.

RiskAid is particularly useful for consortia, allowing risk to be considered collaboratively from every point of view in each partner's project office, simultaneously, to establish the most cost-effective consortium solution, and provide a joint working environment, even if the partners are geographically dispersed.

The what-if scenario facilities in RiskAid can show the potential effects of change requests during construction. RiskAid can record all decisions, changes and effects on risk exposure throughout the construction lifecycle to maintain a clear understanding of the course of events and risk of completion to time and budget.

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