Power and Utilities Risk Management

Large complex projects with strict regulation and stiff penalty clauses demands the best risk management tools to to maintain tight control. This is why RiskAid is used by world class energy providers to ensure they remain ahead of the game by turning risk to competitive advantage.

RiskAid supports the whole lifecycle for project, programme and ongoing operational risk management. This can commence at initial feasibility and bid phases, which is the best time to minimise risk exposure, when there is the most flexibility for getting risks under control. Risk management using RiskAid then develops during the main project phases, with controlled reviews, what-if scenarios to explore alternatives and sub-assessments to manage specific phases or sub-system deliverables. All this whilst maintaining an audit trail that will show trends over time and gives a good understanding of changing contingency requirements. At project completion, RiskAid supports the Lessons Learned process, allowing organisations to review and capture experiences that will be useful for future projects, programmes and operations.

RiskAid can be indispensible in demonstrating the effects of change in a project or programme so that the potential financial and timescale implications are clearly understood before authorisation is given.

If you work within an energy or utility company and would like to find out more about RiskAid or how we have helped others in this sector then please get in touch.

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