Powerful collaborative risk management

Is your risk management a burden or benefit? Stop struggling with ineffective spreadsheets and techniques.  Move to a modern, collaborative approach, using the latest techniques and technology that makes risk management easy, even in major projects.

Our RiskAid philosophy, techniques and technology evolved as a solution to modern risk management issues by providing easy to use, collaborative techniques, underpinned by the powerful RiskAid support environment.  These avoid the issues that today's project manager faces on virtually every project if they use spreadsheets. The RiskAid philosophy, process, techniques and software meet, and indeed excees, all current risk management standards including the latest version of  the Risk Management Standard by the Institute of Risk Management, ISO31000, the risk management aspects of ISO 22301 Business Continuity Standard, The ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Standard, the OGEC “Red Book” 2.0: 2009 GRC Capability Model, and COSO:2004 Enterprise Risk Management – Integrated Framework.

Even better, migrating from your spreadsheets is easy using the RiskAid software's importing facilities.

The RiskAid environment supports the whole lifecycle of project or programme with controlled reviews, what-if scenarios to explore alternatives and sub-assessments to manage specific phases or sub-system deliverables. All this whilst maintaining an audit trail that will show trends over time and gives a good understanding of changing contingency requirements. At project completion, RiskAid supports the Lessons Learned process, allowing organisations to review and capture experiences that will be useful for future projects and programmes.

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