What makes us different

We have a keen interest in the human factors surrounding risk management and decision-making. This is reflected in the way the components of the RiskAid Approach – services, process, techniques and technology - are designed, to help in making it easier to express, understand and work with uncertainty, in ways that everyone understands - not just mathematicians!

Our underlying philosophy is to provide solutions that give clients the information they need for decision-making and motivate everyone involved. We achieve these objectives by

  • enabling them to see how best practice risk management can help them and their organisation
  • making it easy for everyone involved to contribute and find optimum solutions and
  • enabling individuals to be recognised for improving the situation.

We maintain a close watch on the best practice risk management methods, to ensure that our RiskAid approach and software complies with today's best practice and all the latest risk and project management standards. Our RiskAid approach and software provide significant benefits by exceeding those standards in many cases.

Finally, we strive to provide excellent support to make your work easier. We respond promptly, we find solutions quickly, we host our software so that we can maintain it and you never have to worry about it. In short, we provide you with an excellent service that you can always rely upon, 24/7, worldwide. As one client said recently – “your support couldn’t be faulted".

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