RiskAid Software Support

We  ensure that every RiskAid user has excellent support so that they can achieve their risk management objectives as easily as possible.  So all the following services are included as part of each RiskAId user licence:

  • Our RiskAid software is hosted on our dedicated secure servers within Rackspace, probably the premier UK hosting provider. This incorporates comprehensive security, backup and recovery facilities.

  • RiskAid includes context-sensitive help, a full user manual, and briefing notes on various aspects of risk management and RiskAid.

  • We provide a help desk available to every user in normal working hours, where we welcome any questions associated with RiskAid and risk management in general, and answer them by phone, email or with shared web sessions to show what we mean. We are delighted to help you to get the best out of RiskAid and your risk management.

  • We provide scheduled updates (Releases) to RiskAid once or twice a year, as new features demand. All users are informed of the updates a week before they occur, and again when they occur, with a summary of the new features. Any changes required to client data as a result of an update are made by us as part of the update process, to ensure that users experience a seamless upgrade.

  • In the unlikely event of a RiskAid software error (averaging 10 a year for the last five years), we are automatically informed. RiskAid incorporates powerful facilities to enable us to locate and rectify the fault quickly (on average within 3 working hours). During this time, RiskAid is fully available for use. If you experienced the fault, we inform you as soon as it is rectified.

Additional Features in RiskAid

We welcome discussions on new features for RiskAid. Many of these find their way into subsequent releases.

However some are client-specific requirements which we develop with the client to meet their specific needs. These are only accessible to that client, unless the client subsequently decides that they should be available to the wider RiskAid user community.

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