Powerful collaborative project risk management

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve the project objectives within the given constraints.

The basis for executing the project is the project plan – what will happen, when and by whom - and the risk management plan - what may happen, when, why, and what we intend to do to control it. Any project without a risk management plan and the means to ensure that it is achieved, is stepping into the unknown and courting disaster.

We provide an integrated range of expertise, process, techniques and technology to support risk management throughout the whole project or programme lifecycle - in developing the risk management plan and ensuring that it is achieved. Whether your project is worth £1m or £7 Billion, this support is proven to work for your project teams and consortia.

Our RiskAid support is tailored to the needs of each consortia, organisation, project, team and individual, to ensure that everyone can see the benefits of managing risks well, and can do so quickly and effectively, whenever they want, wherever they are.

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