Risk Management in Defence & Aerospace


Our experience in these sectors led to the development of a range of processes, techniques and tools, including RiskAid, to address the problems of:

  • bid teams and project teams in developing risk assessments and then managing risk in large projects,
  • managing innovation, from "light bulb" moment to operational deployment

often involving numerous organisations in consortia.

This combination of practical expertise, techniques and supportive technology has transformed decision-making and the management of risk in large projects that we have supported, by providing comprehensive solutions to support collaborative management involving all relevant staff, without requiring specialised skills.  

Key to this is designing the processes, techniques and technologies for people, and enabling everyone to work in parallel.  This is vital at the bid stage and early in projects and innovations, as time is at a premium for everyone.  So identifying, assessing, responding and managing risks can be done by every person in parallel, as well as trying out alternatives to find the optimum solutions - without interfering with each other's work! 

For projects, early rapid capture of risks (threats and opportunities), provides the focus for appropriately remedial actions to be defined, that can be taken in the appropriate circumstances

For Innovations. rapid risk capture enables all stakeholders to express their concerns (threats) and hopes (opportunities), for common understanding and for explicitly addressing with actions to resolve concerns and maiximise opportunities. The balance of threat vs opportunity, combined with the actions taken, shows the potential Return on Investment (ROI) at every stage of the innovation, not just in financial and timescale terms, but in performance indicators such as Operational Readiness and Operational Performance.  We use this ourselves to manage a range of innovations incorporating state-of-the-art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), large-scale xray and Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence  (C4I) information-centric soutions.

Risk Reviews can be dramatically simplified with our proprietary techniques coupled with RiskAid's Quick Update facilities and integral Risk Review facilities to capture views and comments - from everyone involved.

Risk Reporting is focussed to each person's needs at that moment - instant, uncluttered, visually appealing - and always showing the priorities and the potential benefits of taking appropriate action, under the appropriate circumstances.

Security and confidentiality underpins our services and RiskAid itself, enabling our clients to control who can see what, when, and what they can do with it.


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