Planning and guidance

We can offer a planning and guidance service for risk management to help ensure your organisation, operations or projects get off to the best possible start. We deliver this as part of our outsourced service by:-

  1. Reviewing the existing risk management procedures and reports to ensure that all useful existing information is identified and checked for relevance, then that relevant information is subsequently used.
  2. Proposing an enhanced risk management plan to achieve the new, proactive risk management objectives and ensure that everyone involved undertakes risk management in a way that meets the organisation's needs.
  3. Developing the first new format risk assessment with the management team to introduce the team to the new risk management approach and objectives.
  4. Producing the first risk assessment report, based upon the new assessment format that demonstrates the process in operation and shows the potential benefits of taking appropriate action
  5. Subsequently, undertaking a risk review to ensure that appropriate actions are being taken and that the risks are being monitored to detect change.

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