Our Vision

Risk Reasoning is the parent company of the RiskAid product and services. It was founded in 2004 by experienced risk practitioners from the defence and engineering industry who recognised the benefits that all organisations can enjoy as a result of effective risk management. Most risk management and strategy planning tools were, and still are, expensive and require highly trained and experienced staff to use them. RiskAid set out to be different and now leads the way.

Everything we do and produce has to meet the requirements of normal people and organisations, not rocket scientists! The whole point of the RiskAid approach is to provide the basis for sound management decision-making, with a high chance of substantially improving the situation.

We have a keen interest in the human factors surrounding risk management and decision-making. We like to discover and develop techniques for our RiskAid approach and products, to make risk management easier and more relevant to project, programme and business management.

This is becoming even more important in the current political and commercial climate. Remember, risk can be defined as "uncertainty that matters". BREXIT has increased uncertainty in both UK and European markets. Unpredictable tweets from the current US president are increasing geopolitical uncertainties. The effects of global warming are uncertain. Growing uncertainty means that levels of risk are increasing.

It is increasingly important to be able to recognise and manage uncertainty that matters to us, in a sensible, well-reasoned manner. To do that, we need the appropriate tools and techniques.

We have ensured that the RiskAid approach is applicable to customers in a wide range of market sectors including energy, construction, defence, finance, and education. We ensure that our offer to you includes the precise mix of support services and support tools that you require, in a fully integrated comprehensive solution.

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