Risk Management Outsourcing

The collective view of an organisation's risk exposure is something that is essential for effective decision making. Being prepared for various eventualities by taking mitigating action or having response plans in place is not just a case of protecting finances or avoiding litigation but can ensure the very survival of the organisation. But how do you ensure that the risks, often apparent to staff in their day to day operations, are known to senior management, the board, trustees and governors? In-house systems or software are often left abandoned or infrequently used leaving the vital information in the heads of the staff.

Most people have a hard enough time keeping up with their everyday jobs let alone learning about new systems or processes. To ask or expect them to undertake more data entry or report production often results in rejected systems and a failure of risk management. But it has to be done for everyone's sake. That's where our Risk Management Outsourcing may be the perfect solution for your organisation. We use our own software and experience and by simply spending a few minutes every month or quarter with relevant staff members, we are able to build up a complete risk exposure of the organisation AND what actions should be taken in order to reduce the exposure and protect the organisation.

We can unlock the knowledge in people's heads to provide essential reporting and superb awareness for senior management decision making. All without any drama or the hassle of anyone having to do any data management or learn new ways of working. Even better, the costs are very reasonable as the time we require to make all this happen on a regular basis is not great, everyone remains focused on their day to day activities with little interruption but potentially significant benefit.

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