Highways Risk Management

Large complex projects with strict regulation and stiff penalty clauses demands the best risk management tools to to maintain tight control. This is why RiskAid is used by Highways England suppliers to ensure they remain ahead of the game by turning risk to competitive advantage. However, projects within the Highways sector have additional constraints in order to maintain traffic flow wherever possible and minimise disruption to the UK communications infrastructure.

RiskAid supports the whole lifecycle for project and programme risk management in the Highways sector, with the addition of Highways England-specific reporting features.  These include:

  • the ability to generate the Highways England-mandated V11 and V12 spreadsheets for risk management reporting each month, with a few key-clicks, directly from risk assessments within RiskAid.
  • the provision of full expenditure summaries for each risk, on a month-by-month basis, incorporating budget, forecast and spend, with associated commentaries

RiskAid can be indispensible in demonstrating the effects of change in a project or programme so that the potential financial and timescale implications are clearly understood before authorisation is given.

If you work within Highways projects and would like to find out more about RiskAid or how we have helped others in this sector then please get in touch.

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