In-house vs Outsourced support

Do you want all your risk management activities handled in-house by your staff, or would you like us to provide your risk management activities?

This does not have to be a binary decision.

It may be that you want to train staff up in best practice risk management over time, with the eventual objective that they become proficient and self-sufficient in risk management. Some will adopt the principles and techniques quickly, some more slowly and some will only want minimal involvement.

We understand that and are happy to provide graduated support for each individual to ensure that they get the best out of risk management and can see the benefits. Seeing the point of it all is a very good motivator!

This flexible support philosophy ensures that your organisation can reap the benefits of best practice risk management as soon as possible, while your staff progressively increase their risk management skills to the levels needed.

Please book an online demonstration for an informal 30 minutes view of our RiskAid support in action.

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