RiskAid for Highways

The RiskAid software is the only risk management software that comes with specific enhancements for Highways England projects. This includes:-

  • Automatic creation of the spreadsheets (V11 and V12) which are mandated by Highways England for monthly risk management reporting. This can save each project many man days per month.
  • Exactly matches the Highways England risk definitions, classifications and probability calculations. The team can confidently use the same approach and language as they do now.
  • Provides expenditure summaries and graphs as month-by-month breakdowns for easy management of risk expenditure budgets.

It combines powerful web-based collaborative risk management support environment with features such as:-

  • A collaborative, web based approach to enhance team decision making
  • Importing of existing spreadsheet data reducing the need for manual data input
  • Intuitive screens and reports to record risks, define actions to take and to monitor the outcomes
  • Allows the storage of related notes, comments and documents
  • “What-if” scenarios allowing users to explore changes, compare them with the live assessment and apply or abandon
  • Allows quick and effective risk reviews with commentary on why changes have been made
  • Intuitive and clear reports highlighting priorities and the benefit of actions
  • Easy inclusion of reports and displays within Microsoft Office documents
  • Dynamically shares data with Primavera P6 if required
  • Ability to compare the differences of a risk assessment over any time period, such as from one review to the next
  • Full audit trail with powerful data filtering which supports Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) and regulatory audit requirements

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